.:: Redemption - 2008

.:: Summary

Role - Project   Art Director / Art Lead - Redemption (cancelled)

Developer - Publisher   Crytek - N/A

Key Achievements  

Art Direction

Defined the visual direction, color palettes and look & feel for the game, all visual designs for environments, characters, architecture, props, vehicles and weapons.

Directed and managed a team of 3 concept artists, 10 in-house production artists and 8 outsourcing artists, while maintaining quality control over all art assets.

Contribution to the implementation of tools & visual features for the CryEngine also used in “Crysis”.


Level polishing for environment layout, assets placement, lighting, atmospheric and rendering effects (also demonstrated in my 'showreel 2008' video, a complete overhaul of the project's original CXP level available in CryEngine 3 SDK).

Modeling, texturing and polishing work for some props (wood stacks, mud puddles), vehicles (civilan cars), and weapons (all low-level weapons and mid-level rifle, shotgun and smg).


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